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2023 GRADE 6   3-on-3 RULES

For a printable version of the rules, click here:  Grade 6 Cager Rules

Cager, at the Grade 6 level, will move to a 3-ON-3 game. Please read the rules below and see the videos posted below to help you understand the new rules. Fairplay and Sportsmanship should be evident from players and coaches at all times.

Game Time: 10 min games (running time to be clocked by the main score table, all games to start at the same time).

Court: 3 games to happen on side hoops, regular basketball lines to be used on all courts.

How The Game Begins: Rock/paper/scissors will be played for first possession, ball will be checked at the top of the court, one pass must be made from the top prior to commencing attack

Tied Score: In the event that the game ends in a draw in the round robin play, teams will end in draw. If game ends in a draw in the playoffs, teams will play 2 minute OT.

Sideline Passer Rule: If teams have 4 players on their roster, there will be an active player standing out of bounds who can act as an outlet pass. This player cannot run the sideline or save a ball from going out of bounds. The player is there simply to give an extra player to pass to, they cannot be guarded and cannot be on the court, they do not play defense (block or steal balls from those on the court). When substitutions are made, a new player will be designated this role. Sideline passer will be positioned halfway between the free-throw line and the end line. If a roster only has 3 players on one team, that game simply does not make use of the sideline passer rule (and player sitting off will not be a part of the game). If the sideline passer doesn’t catch the ball when it is passed to them, the official will deem it out of bounds.
* Please see Bob Bigelow video below these rules (2:55 mark) if in need of a visual tutorial

Airballs/Steals: Teams must still clear ball to foul line extended in order to regain the possession and play offense. If steals are made behind the free throw line, then teams can immediately turn and play offense. Airballs taken behind the free throw line extended must still be cleared past free throw line.

Jump-balls: In the event that two players grab the ball at the same time and a jump-ball occurs, the defensive team will be awarded the possession by the official.

Stalling:  The act of failing to play actively (i.e. not attempting to score) shall be a violation. At the discretion of the official, the team on offence has 10 seconds to attempt a shot.

Fouls: If player is fouled on a shot attempt, players line up for one shot (the 1 shot counts as 2 pts). If a player is fouled in a non-shooting attempt, ball gets checked at the top 
Bonus- After 5 team fouls, opposing team will be awarded 1 free throw (worth 2 pts).

Mercy Rule: first team to lead by 20 or more will be declared the winner

Substitutions: Teams made up of 4 players must have equal playing time during each game. This means everyone must sit off once during each game. Sub will be called every 2.5 minutes by the head table.  The team that had the ball before subs were called will start off with the ball at the top and 'check' the ball in. 

Out of Bounds Ball Placement: No matter where the ball goes out of bounds, the ball will come to the top to check. One pass must be made prior to the offensive team starting their attack.

Defense: Man to man defense will be played throughout the tournament, help defense is encouraged (this is to discourage against isolation plays, players must switch checks as to not double team). Officials will blow game dead if steals or turnovers come from double teams. 

General: The rules of basketball are still to be played. Traveling, double-dribble, carries and all other basketball rules will be officiated. See Official Basketball Rules for any clarifications.
3-on-3 Explanation Videos - click on the YouTube links below for further information.

    Bob Bigelow - 3-on-3 Play Program 

    Bob Bigelow - Why 3-on-3 is Good for Kids