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2023 GRADE 7-8 RULES

*Please note the rule changes below are indicated with their orange font.

Basic FIBA rules will apply with the modifications listed below. Fair play and sportsmanship should be a priority for players and coaches at all times.

Game Length: Four 10 minute quarters of running time. 

Clock Stoppage: The clock will stop for foul shots and in the last TWO minutes of the fourth quarter IF the score is within ten points.

If Behind Schedule: If we fall too far behind the schedule, whips may decide to allow the clock to run during free throws or change the quarters to 8 minutes in length.

Warm up and Halftime: 5 minutes each

Time OutsTwo 60 second time outs in the first half and three 60 second time outs in second half. 1 time out is allotted per overtime period. A time out must be requested by the coach during a dead ball situation or after a made basket by the opposing team.

Alternating Possession: A jump ball starts the first half and all overtime periods; the second half and all held ball situations will use the “AP” arrow.

Penalty: A team will go into penalty on the 5th foul of each quarter. The opposing team will shoot two free throws on the 5th foul (and subsequent fouls).

Substitutions: Players must report to scorer’s table AND WAIT TO BE CALLED IN by the official. Either team may substitute on a dead ball situation but NOT after a made basket, nor between foul shots.

Shot Clock: A 30 second shot clock will be allocated for each offensive possession, which referees will monitor.  On any offensive rebounds, the shot clock will reset to 14 seconds as per FIBA rules.  Referees will yet "10 to shoot" to best help athletes.  

10 Second Rule: The offensive team will have 10 seconds with which to get the ball over half court.

“5 in the Key”: Players will have five seconds (instead of three seconds) in the key before a violation is called.

Defence: Teams may play man-to-man only; no zone is allowed. Pressing is allowed in the last TWO minutes of the second half and ONLY if the score is within 15 points. Fair play is to be encouraged.

Double teaming the ball handler will be allowed within the key of the court, as long as that player has possession of the basketball.  Therefore, any attacking player can be doubled as they enter the key with the ball. As the ball is moved out of the key, proper man-to-man defence must be re-established.

Overtime: In the case of a tie, teams will be given a one-minute break followed by a three-minute overtime period. This procedure will be repeated until a winner has been determined. Overtime will begin with a jump ball.

Tie Breaker Formula: At the end of round robin play, if two teams are tied in the standings, the winner of their head-to-head game will be considered the higher placing team. If THREE teams are tied, the following rules will be used to determine the proper placing:
a) Head to head game between the tied teams
b) Teams will be ranked by point differential using only the games played between the tied teams
c) If still tied for two or more teams, then total points scored in all games played between the tied teams shall be used
d) If still tied for two or more teams, the point differential using all round robin games shall be used for remaining tied teams
​e) If still tied for two or more teams, the total points scored in all round robin games shall be used for remaining tied teams
f) Coin toss

We are focusing on good sportsmanship and having fun, and we expect ALL players and coaches to adhere to these principles!